Dad and Sister playing Cousland Origin:

Eleanor Cousland: No! What manner of fiend slaughters innocents?

Dad: Who are those dead people?

Sister: Your family.

Dad: Oh.

York only bakes so he can wear the mitts.

Update: Lance is now the most stereotypically Australian man in the universe, with the thickest Australian accent you can imagine.

Saving up for an xbox one.

The lovely praggnificent's Tyb Hawke! Thank you so much for commissioning me!

They’ll never know.
They’ll never know.

They’ll never know.

Toolkit and Boy-genius Winchester.

"Sorry South, I’m taken. Look but don’t touch."
"I’m completely okay with that."


Me: I’m really upset about York and North. Still.
Sister: They get reborn!
Me: As Washington’s cats?
Sister: Yes! They’re adored and pampered and they get to get away with shitting on the floor, which is something they never would’ve been able to do as people.